In-office Events

The most effective engagement with schools actually happens outside of the school itself. Our in-office engagement events enable employers to truly engage with pre-screened candidates from a range of schools all in one place. We manage these events on behalf of employers, coordinating the logistics and ensuring the right number of candidates, with the right competencies, attend, often along with their parents too. By delivering these genuinely meaningful encounters, you can effectively include parts of your assessment process in your engagement strategy. Call or email us to find out more.


“AllAboutGroup provided really great and engaged candidates for our Insight Day, many of whom are progressing well in our Apprenticeship Programme. They couldn't have been more helpful.”

Ellie Hervé

Graduate Recruitment Coordinator | Dentons LLP

“We were incredibly impressed with the quality of candidate we were able to engage with and found these events an invaluable part of delivering on our hiring targets.”

Chris Stewart

Resourcing Business Partner | National Grid

“I set out a clear target market to AllAboutGroup and they ensured that the right people came to our events. I've never met a team more enthusiastic to help!”

Dharmini Mistry

Marketing Manager | The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries