School Leaver Guide

Distributed to 2,700 schools nationwide, the School Leaver Guide is the principle method for organisations to build their brand awareness in schools.

Employer Profiles

A fantastic opportunity to inform students about the different programmes you offer and get them excited about the opportunities within your organisation. Share key stats with readers on everything from salaries to the number of school leaver vacancies, then direct them to your website and social media channels.

Display Adverts

Supplement the impact of your employer profile with a supporting half-page advert to further engage our readers and encourage them to apply.

Be a Sponsor

Raise your brand awareness by sponsoring the entire School Leaver Guide. Alternatively, sponsor a specific industry or pathway to align your employer brand with a specific area of the market. As a headline or supporting sponsor you will enjoy premium positioning within the publication for your branding and adverts.

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Awareness & attraction

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