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We have helped more than 500 organisations to benchmark and improve the performance of their programmes. Utilising anonymised surveys, programme reports and expert consultations, we are the leading source for programme benchmarking and improvement in the early careers market.

Analyse and improve your programmes

Internal surveys

Impartial auditing of your programmes

We have conducted more than 500 internal surveys with employers to deliver insights into the realities of their programmes.

Programme reports

Detailed breakdown and report analysis

We ensure our clients know exactly how their programmes are received and help them to identify areas for improvement.



Programme consultation

Identify plan of action for improvement

We have a network of industry experts who can help you make informed decisions about how to improve your programmes.

Implementing changes

Expert assistance in implementing improvements

Our experts can work directly with your team to implement the improvements identified through our programme analysis.

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To find out more about how our Benchmarking services can help your business.

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“Feedback on how our programme is working and progressing is always valuable as it's important for us to continually work on improving our apprenticeship-programme offering.”

Cordelia Bunnis

Apprenticeship Program Manager | UBS

“AllAboutGroup have been extremely helpful in assisting our efforts to identify ways to improve our programmes and the method to do so. Highly recommended!”

Amelia Dowty

Talent Acquisition Lead | JLL

“AllAboutGroup are enabling us to gain invaluable, honest feedback on our apprentice and school leaver programmes to make sure we're continually improving.”

Conor Lauder

Emerging Talent | Mace